Local Tour Guide

I am a licensed local tour guide for the concentration camp memorial site. I also work for other institutions in Dachau which offer guided tours on the memorial site. Thanks to my job as a manager of one of these institutions, the Förderverein Dachau e.V., I came into close contact with several survivors of the Dachau concentration camp and have maintained these contacts until now. I still do voluntary work with survivors.

Originally I worked as a lawyer, but when my family and I moved to Dachau, I started to work as a tour guide in 1998. After having spent a few years in the US and England with my family, I also started to offer tours for English speaking visitors.

As a result of my long experience with various groups from different backgrounds, e.g. German and international students and visitor groups on a history tour, and my continuing education in this field, I am specialised in adapting my tours to meet the visitor’s needs.

Your tour will be adapted to your needs, e.g. to the age, the previous knowledge and the interests of the members of your group. Among others, I have already given tours for tourist groups following the path of the “Band of Brothers”, sports or music groups on a summer exchange program, college and university groups on history tours, and families. Children are welcome at the memorial site and the contents of your tour can be adapted accordingly.

Map’s / Arrival by car: Visitors’ Center (Entrance)