KZ Dachau – Concentration Camp Tour Guide

The Dachau concentration camp

was the first official concentration camp the Nazis established on the site of an abandoned munitions factory in March 1933, immediately after Hitler seized power. It therefore became a model camp for all concentration camps built thereafter. Owing to its long existence from 1933 to 1945, it mirrors the political and military development of Germany and Europe in a distorted way.

The Memorial Site

was opened in 1965 on the site of the former concentration camp (KZ Dachau) and offers various ways to approach these dark and terrible years in Germany’s history.

The Tour covers:

• The whole memorial site and all the accessible buildings
• The story of the concentration camp from its beginnings to the liberation
• Its role for the Nazi dictatorship
• Detailed information about the daily life of the prisoners
• Their work, their treatment by the SS, their suffering, their death
• Stories of survivors I have met personally
• The involvement of the Dachau citizens
• The history of the SS camp next to the concentration camp
• The ideology of the Nazis and the genocide of the European Jews – the Holocaust
• The end of World War II and its aftermath

The fee is 130 € for a group of 15 people maximum. If your group consists of more people there will be an additional fee.

If you want to book a guided tour please go on to my booking form.

As soon as you communicate your interests and your needs, especially your preferred time frame, I will prepare a tour which fits your travel plans. A group tour usually lasts 2,5 hours.